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Inspirational Experiences

What are Inspirational Corporate Experiences?

When building a long-term company vision and strategies the workplace is often not the ideal context. Such decisions require space, freedom and well-being. That is why at ICE we organise Inspirational Experiences. Working closely together with our clients we take the concept of corporate events into a new dimension through our meticulous organisation, and by prioritising inspiration and well-being in our choice of environment and contents. The result is an experience that stimulates creativity, fosters trust, rewards achievement, energizes the participant and guarantees a tangible return on investment by building for the future.


Your employees are your most important assets so nurture and motivate them with a reward experience they will never forget.


An inspirational experience is the perfect way to communicate a new corporate strategy and focus on key goals and issues.


When developing a policy, celebrating success or building team spirit, an exciting new environment is ideal for sparking creativity and creating effective long-term bonding.


Spending time with clients in a value-driven experience builds a stronger and more effective relationship founded on trust and the ability to share a common goal.

ICE offers value-driven, tailor-made Inspirational Corporate Experiences with an innovative, wellness-based vision.

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