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Trade Show Experiences

What are ICE Trade Show Experiences?

In today’s world where face-to-face events are all important and more business is done around tradeshows than within them, it is essential for any company to make the right first impression. Often, though, operating far from home, in unknown environments with unexpected problems, can make projecting a dynamic and confident image difficult.
And this is where ICE tradeshow planning can help.
With over 20 years’ experience in locations including Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Genoa, Geneva, Turin, Milan, Verona, Bologna, Munich, Frankfurt and Barcelona, we know exactly how to pinpoint needs and take the stress out of event planning, booking and logistics to ensure that our clients perform at their very best.
Maximizing budgets, achieving goals and guaranteeing return on investment are the foundations of our comprehensive range of services that cover every aspect of tradeshow planning and face-to-face event coordination, including:


A new dimension of corporate events that takes stakeholders into an inspirational environment where they are more creative and more motivated.


Are you planning to come to Cannes for a congress or festival? And do you need some professional coordination or accommodation?  Click here for our ICE Cannes Experiences.

ICE offers value-driven, tailor-made Inspirational Corporate Experiences with an innovative, wellness-based vision.

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